How to Repair Wood Garage Door

Are you worried that your wood garage door is in need of repair? Not only can a faulty garage door present potential dangers to yourself and your family, but it can also result in wasted energy costs.

Fortunately, the good news is that with some basic materials and knowledge, you can learn how to make necessary repairs quickly and effectively – so there’s no need to worry. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you should take when considering repairing or replacing your wood garage door. Read on for more information about how to repair wood garage doors properly!

how to repair wood garage door

Whether you’re experiencing a malfunctioning wood garage door or are looking to upgrade an old one, knowing how to repair or replace it can help save time and hassle. In this blog post, we’ll explore the steps necessary for successfully handling repairs and full replacements of your wood garage doors at home.

With helpful guidance on assessing damages, buying the correct materials, making necessary adjustments, and safely performing installations–you’ll have all the tools you need to get your wooden garage up and running in no time!

What Causes Problems in Wood Garage Door?

1. Weather Damage

Swelling, cracking, and warping can occur as a result of extreme temperatures or too much moisture in the air. Also, ultraviolet rays can damage the paint and cause discoloration. Also, high winds can cause the wood to expand and contract, resulting in warping or splitting.

2. Rusting of Metal Hardware

Wooden garage doors often have metal hinges, rollers, and other hardware components that are prone to rust over time due to moisture exposure. This can cause the door to become stuck or difficult to open correctly.

3. Insect Infestation

Insects such as termites, carpenter ants and wood borers can cause significant damage to wooden garage doors over time if left unchecked. The insects feed on the wood, creating holes or tunnels in it which weakens its overall structure.

4. Wear and Tear

Wood garage doors are susceptible to wear and tear over time due to their heavy weight and frequent use. This can lead to cracks in the wood or a weakened structure of the door. Make sure to check all the components regularly for any signs of breakdown.

5. Poor Installation

Improper installation of a wood garage door can also lead to various problems. If the components are not installed properly, the strength of the door will be compromised, and it will be more susceptible to damage or malfunction.

In order to repair a wood garage door, it is important to identify the cause of the problem first before jumping in and attempting any repairs. Once you have identified what is causing the issue, you can then proceed with repairing the damage or replacing certain parts if necessary.

Repair a Wood Garage Door

10 Tips On How to Repair Wood Garage Door

1. Insect Damage

Woodpeckers and other wood-damaging insects can cause discoloration and holes in wood garage doors. Inspect your door for any insect damage and use an appropriate insecticide to eliminate the infestation.

2. Fix Weather Damage

Check your wood garage door for any signs of cracking, splitting, or warping due to extreme temperatures or too much moisture in the air. If there is damage, you will need to sand down the area and apply some weatherproof sealant.

3. Fix Hardware Issues

Regularly inspect all hinges and rollers for any signs of corrosion or rust. If there is rust, use some steel wool to remove it, and then lubricate the metal components with light oil.

4. Ensure Wear and Tear

Check your wood garage door regularly for any signs of wear and tear such as cracks in the wood or lose fastenings. Make sure to reinforce any weak areas with additional screws or nails, and use a high-quality wood sealant to protect the door from further damage.

5. Fix Poor Installation

If you suspect that your garage door was not installed properly, make sure to adjust any misaligned pieces and check for any missing fastenings or components. Make sure all the pieces are securely fastened and properly aligned to ensure a strong and secure door.

6. Replace Damaged Parts

If any parts of your wood garage door are beyond repair, make sure to replace them with new ones. Take the measurements of the damaged part before going out to purchase a new one so that you can be sure to get the right size and shape.

7. Clean and Maintain Regularly

Make sure to keep your wood garage door clean by washing it on a regular basis with a mild soap and water solution. Make sure to properly dry the door once you are done cleaning it. This will help prevent any moisture from seeping into the wood and causing it to rot.

Garage Door Has Paint

8. Check the Paint

If your garage door has paint, make sure to inspect the surface for any signs of chipping or cracking. If there is damage, you may need to sand down the area and apply a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to use a good quality exterior paint that is designed for wood garage doors.

9. Replace the Seal

Check the rubber seal around your door for any signs of damage. If the seal is cracked or worn down, make sure to replace it with a new one. This will help keep out moisture and insulate your garage from extreme temperatures.

10. Keep Up With Maintenance

Make sure to keep up with regular maintenance of your wood garage door. This includes inspecting all parts of the door and lubricating the hinges and rollers. Doing this regularly will help ensure that your door is keeping out moisture and extreme temperatures, and will also increase its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Repairing My Wood Garage Door?

It is important to take some precautions when repairing a wood garage door. Make sure you wear safety glasses and protective clothing, as well as work gloves, in order to protect yourself from splinters, dust, and other debris. If working with power tools (e.g., power saws, ers, etc.), be sure to read and understand the owner’s manual beforehand. Exercise caution and never operate power tools without proper supervision. Additionally, make sure that all areas around the work area are clear of people and/or animals in order to ensure safety.

How Can I Fix a Sagging or Warped Wood Garage Door?

A sagging or warped wood garage door can often be fixed with either a few minor adjustments or more extensive repairs. To make minor adjustments, first check the bottom of your door for any bends or warps.

Use a Crowbar to Bend

If you find any, use a crowbar to benduse a crowbar to bend them back into place and then use shims to hold them in place. If more extensive repairs are needed, such as replacing cracked or broken panels, you may need to replace the entire door. Be sure to consult with a professional if you are unsure of how to proceed with these repairs.

What Type of Paint Should I Use on My Wood Garage Door?

Oil-based paint is often considered to be the best type of paint for a wood garage door. Oil-based paint is more durable and provides better protection from the elements than latex or acrylic latex paints. Additionally, oil-based paint will help to seal out moisture, which can prevent warping and rotting over time. When painting your wood garage door with oil-based paint, make sure to use several coats to ensure the best results.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain My Wood Garage Door?

The best way to maintain a wood garage door is to regularly check for any signs of wear and tear. Look for any cracks, warps, or other damage that could compromise the integrity of your door. Additionally, be sure to clean your wood garage door regularly and apply a sealant or protective coating every few years. Doing so will help to protect the wood from moisture and keep it looking like new for years to come.

Overall, taking care of a wood garage door requires regular maintenance and repairs when necessary. With proper care, your wood garage door should stay in good condition for years to come.

Maintain a Wood Garage Door is to Regularly


Making repairs to a wood garage door can seem like a daunting task. However, once the proper tools and supplies are purchased, the project is not as complicated as it may seem. By following the steps outlined above, you can replace weatherstripping, repair holes and cracks in the door’s wood paneling, and reseal any joints to prevent water leakage.

 With the right preparation and know-how to repair wood garage door, you can have your wood garage door looking like new again in no time. And don’t forget– regular maintenance checks are key to avoiding major damage down the road. Even if your door looks in good condition now, a little bit of preventive care today can save you from spending unnecessary time and money on larger repairs in the future.

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