How to Keep Room above Garage Warm

Are you having trouble keeping the room above your garage warm? We know how difficult it can be to keep a room that has no insulation over an attached garage with minimal heat comfortable during cold weather. If this is something you’re struggling with, then don’t worry! 

How to Keep Room Above Garage Warm

There are a few simple steps you can take to help ensure that the temperature in your space stays cozy and inviting—even when Mother Nature brings on knee-high snow drifts. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to keep room above garage warm. So keep reading if you want to learn how to make sure your room above the garage is nice and toasty all winter long!

Summary: Keeping the room above a garage warm can be a challenge due to its typically poor insulation and exposure to outside temperatures. To help retain heat, it is important to ensure that the attic space has proper insulation, seal any drafts around windows and doors, and make sure that the garage door weatherstripping is in good condition.

What Is the Best Insulation for Room Above Garage?

To keep a room above your garage warm, you need to ensure that the space is properly insulated. The best insulation for this purpose is usually fiberglass batts or rolls with a higher R-value rating. This type of insulation will block the energy from escaping and help maintain an even temperature in the room. 

It’s important to choose an insulation product that is designed for use in walls and make sure it fits snugly between the joists of the floor above the garage. 

Additionally, you may want to consider adding fiberglass insulation to your garage ceiling as well so that heat doesn’t transfer from the garage into the room above. 

Additionally, adding weatherstripping around your door frames and windows can help keep warm air in and cold air out. Following these tips should help you to keep a room above your garage warmer throughout the year.

Once you have installed insulation, it’s important to remember to maintain it regularly. Check for signs of wear or damage and replace as necessary. Otherwise, you may find that the insulation stops providing the warmth you need.

Additionally, if you ever have to access your attic space, be sure to close off any openings with a temporary sealant so that no warm air escapes from the room above your garage. Taking these steps should help you to keep your room above your garage warm and comfortable for years to come.

Have to Access Your Attic Space

9 Methods on How to Keep Room above Garage Warm

1.  Insulate the Garage Ceiling.

One of the best ways to keep the room above your garage warm is to insulate the garage ceiling. This will keep the heat from entering the room and also prevent cold air from escaping.

Adding insulation to the ceiling can be a difficult task, so consider hiring a professional to do the job. If you decide to do the work yourself, make sure that you follow all safety guidelines and wear protective gear.

2.  Install Weather Stripping around the Garage Door.

Another way to keep the room above your garage warm is to install weatherstripping around the garage door. Weatherstripping is a strip of material that is used to seal gaps and cracks around doors and windows.

It helps to prevent air leakage, which can help keep the room above your garage warmer. If you don’t have weatherstripping already installed around your garage door, you can purchase it from most hardware stores. Make sure to measure the size of your door before purchasing the weatherstripping so

3.  Use Caulk to Seal Any Gaps or Cracks in the Walls.

In addition to using weatherstripping, you can also use caulk to seal any gaps or cracks in the walls of the garage. Caulk is a flexible sealant that can be used to fill small gaps and cracks. It’s a great way to make sure that warm air stays in the room above the garage.

When applying caulk, make sure to use a steady hand and work in small sections. After the caulk has dried, you can paint over it to make it blend in with the rest of the wall.

Make Sure to Use a Steady Hand

4.  Install Insulation in the Walls of the Garage.

Another way to keep your garage warm is to install insulation in the walls of the garage. This can help to reduce the amount of heat that escapes and helps to keep the temperature in the room above the garage more consistent. 

Be sure to use the correct type of insulation based on the climate you live in, and check with a professional to ensure proper installation. Try to purchase insulation with a high R-value to ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, use caulk and weatherstripping around any windows or doors in the garage to reduce drafts and keep the warm air in.

5.  Hang Heavy Curtains over Any Windows in the Garage.

If there are any windows in the garage, you can hang heavy curtains over them in order to help keep the heat in. Curtains are an effective way to block drafts, and they can also help to trap heat inside a room. 

For best results, use curtains that are made of thick materials like velvet or wool. These curtains will help the room stay warm, even during the coldest months of the year. Although these curtains will help to keep the room warm, you may still need to use other methods of insulation in order to make sure that the heat is not lost.

6.  Place a Rug on the Floor of the Garage.

Another way to keep your garage warm is to place a rug on the floor of the garage. Rugs are effective at trapping heat and they can also help to reduce noise levels inside of a room. This is particularly beneficial for garages that are connected to living spaces, as it helps reduce the amount of noise entering the living space. 

Additionally, if you have an unfinished garage wall and the floor is not insulated, placing a rug on the floor can help to keep it warm. This will also help to reduce energy costs, as less heat will be lost through the floor.

7.  Install a Vent Fan in the Ceiling of the Garage.

Installing a vent fan in the ceiling of your garage can help to circulate warm air throughout the room and keep it warm. The fan should be installed in the ceiling, near the room entrance. 

Should Be Installed in the Ceiling

This will draw warm air from the room up into the garage and then push it back down toward the ground. This circulation of air will help to keep the room warm. Additionally, it can also help reduce condensation buildup in the garage. Make sure to check the fan regularly and clean it as needed.

8.  Use Reflective Insulation on the Walls of the Garage.

Reflective insulation is another effective way to keep your garage warm. This type of insulation reflects heat back into the room and can help to keep it warmer for longer periods of time. It can also help reduce the amount of heat that is lost through air infiltration. 

Additionally, reflective insulation can be used to insulate the walls of the garage, preventing the cold air from seeping through. When installing reflective insulation, it is important to make sure that all gaps and seams are sealed. This will ensure that the insulation is working properly and will help to keep your room above the garage warm.

9.  Seal up Any Drafts around Windows and Doors in the Garage.

Sealing up drafts around windows and doors in your garage is another effective way to keep it warm. Use caulk or weather-stripping around these areas to prevent heat from escaping. These are effective and inexpensive solutions to ensure that your garage stays warm.

Additionally, make sure to check for any drafts around the ceiling or walls for any air leaks. Sealing up any areas that let in cold air will help keep your garage warm during the colder months.

By following these tips and taking the necessary steps to insulate your garage, you should be able to keep your room above the garage warm and comfortable year-round.

The Necessary Steps to Insulate Your Garage

Additionally, don’t forget to maintain your insulation regularly so that it remains effective at trapping heat in the space. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your space stays warm and inviting no matter what the season.


If you find your garage is too cold for comfort, there are a few things you can do to keep the room above it warmer. By following the tips in this blog post, you can make sure that your garage is a comfortable place to be and that the room above it is warm all winter long. 

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