How to Adjust a Roll Up Garage Door

Are you having issues with your roll up garage door? Not to worry, adjusting a roll-up garage door is actually quite simple! Here’s how to do it.

How to Adjust a Roll Up Garage Door

Then installing or replacing a roll up garage door is perfect for you! A roll up garage door not only offers added security and protection but can be customized with different colors, materials, and designs to fit any personal style. It is an efficient way to make friends who happen by taking a second look at your house without compromising on safety or ease of use. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through step-by-step how to adjust a roll up garage door for optimal performance. Once complete, your home or business storefront could have increased curb appeal from the improved look of the freshly adjusted overhead door!

What are the Benefits of Adjusting a Roll Up Garage Door?

Adjusting your roll up garage door will increase its lifespan and allow it to work more efficiently. Properly adjusted doors open, close, and stay closed quickly and quietly with minimal effort. This type of preventive maintenance can also help prevent future issues like bent tracks or other common malfunctions.

Additionally, adjusting your roll up garage door can help prevent costly repairs. When a door is not adjusted correctly, it could cause major damage to the motor and other components. Adjusting your garage door regularly can save money in the long run and make your home more secure by ensuring that it closes properly every time.

Adjusting Your Roll Up Garage Door

What Will You Need?

You’ll need the followings:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Hammer
  3. Extension ladder
  4. Adjustment wrench
  5. Safety goggles
  6. Strong gloves (for protection)
  7. Dust cloth (to wipe away dirt or debris from the area)
  8. Measuring tape

Once you have everything ready, you can adjust your roll-up garage door.

10 Easy Steps on How to Adjust a Roll Up Garage Door

Step 1. Inspect the Metal Door:

Before you start adjusting the roll up garage door, make sure to inspect all of its parts for any signs of wear and tear. Look for dents, scratches, rust or any other signs of damage. If any of these are present, it could be an indication that further repair or replacement is necessary.

Step 2. Locate the Adjustment Nuts:

You’ll need to locate the adjustment nuts on the top of your overhead door. These are usually located near the metal tracks, typically at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, there may be adjustment nuts on both sides of the door, depending on how it is installed.

Step 3. Adjust the Roll Up Garage Door Tracks:

Using a screwdriver, adjust the roll up garage door tracks by loosening or tightening the adjustment nuts. Make sure not to tighten them over, as this can cause damage to the metal frame and motor of your door. You can also use a hammer and extension ladder to help you reach the adjustment nuts if they are too high up.

Step 4. Check for Proper Alignment:

Check That Everything is Properly Aligned

Once you have adjusted the roller track, double-check that everything is properly aligned with a measuring tape and make any necessary adjustments if needed. Try to ensure that the top of the track is parallel to the ground and that there are no gaps between sections. Because this is important for your garage door’s overall performance, take your time and get it just right.

Step 5. Tighten the Adjustment Nuts:

Using an adjustment wrench, securely tighten the adjustment nuts to ensure that the tracks are in place. Do not over-tighten as this can cause damage to your garage door and its components. Otherwise, you can use a dust cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris from the area.

Step 6. Test the Door:

Next, you’ll want to test how your roll up garage door is functioning. Open and close it a few times and ensure everything works properly. If there are any issues or loud noises coming from your door, you may need to adjust it again or call a professional for assistance.

Step 7. Clean Up:

Once you finish adjusting your roll up garage door, clean up any debris or dirt around the area with a dust cloth. This will help ensure that everything is in proper working order and that your door looks neat. Another important step is wearing safety goggles and gloves while adjusting the door, as this will protect you from flying debris.

Step 8. Add Lubrication:

It is also good to lubricate the rollers and tracks with a silicon-based lubricant to keep them running smoothly. Many different types of lubricants are available, so make sure to find one specifically designed for roll up garage doors. This will help keep your door in proper working order and prevent any issues from arising.

Lubricate the Rollers and Tracks

Step 9. Check Your Work:

Once you have finished adjusting your roll up garage door, it is important to inspect all of the components for any issues and make sure that everything is in order. This will help you avoid any potential problems and keep your door running smoothly. Moreover, this is also a great time to check that your door opener is working properly.

Step 10. Maintain Your Garage Door:

Finally, inspecting and maintaining your garage door regularly is highly recommended. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your door is functioning properly. Remember, it is better to take preventive measures than be faced with costly repairs.

By following these ten steps, you can easily adjust a roll a garage door yourself! Remember to use caution when adjusting the garage door and take your time to get it just right. If you run into any issues or have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to call a professional for assistance.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. If your roll-up garage door is sticking or no longer closes as easily as it once did, you may need to adjust the tension spring. This spring is found near the center of the door and helps to provide tension when the door is opened or closed.
  2. Make sure to keep both tracks of your roll-up garage door clean and free of debris such as dirt, dust, leaves, etc. This will help ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently without sticking or having difficulty closing properly.
  3. If your roll-up garage door has a manual lock release knob, make sure to check how easily it opens and closes each time you open and close your garage door so that you can adjust it as necessary for optimal operation.
  4. Inspect the bottom and sides of your roll-up garage door for any signs of wear or damage that may need to be repaired to prevent further deterioration.
  5. To ensure that your roll-up garage door operates efficiently, you should check the track alignment regularly and make adjustments as necessary. This can help keep your garage door operating safely and smoothly for many years to come.
Roll Up Garage Door Operates Efficiently

By following these tips, adjusting a roll up garage door should become much easier and more efficient over time!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t attempt to adjust your garage door opener without first consulting the manual. Every model is different and requires specific instructions for safe adjustment.
  2. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses when adjusting a roll up garage door. You do not want something flying into your eyes when making adjustments.
  3. Don’t use excessive force on any part of the opener or track while adjusting it; this can damage them permanently, rendering them unsafe and ineffective.
  4. Don’t try to make too many changes at once; take time between adjustments in order to assess how they affect the operation of the door before moving on to other adjustments.
  5. Don’t ignore any warning signs or noises that come from the door opener or track. This can indicate a potential problem that requires proper attention from an expert.

These are the key things to avoid when you are adjusting a roll up garage door. Taking time to read through your owner’s manual, as well as any safety instructions included with it, is essential for successful and safe adjustment.

Be sure to use caution and common sense throughout the process to avoid potential damage or injury. With the right guidance, you can safely adjust your roll up garage door and get it back into working order in no time!


Adjusting a roll up garage door requires patience and diligence but at the end of the day, having a functioning door could mean the difference of added security and convenience. There is also an added peace of mind that you can turn to whenever your garage access is malfunctioning, and keep it in good condition with simple DIY tips.

Remember to take all safety precautions necessary when dealing with large, heavy materials like the roll up garage door. Keep all warranties handy in the event that any more involved repairs are done, and always verify that any service professionals you hire are certified and insured.

With these tips on how to adjust a roll up garage door, adjusting your roll up garage door should be smooth sailing!

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